14K today

Distance :14k
Time      : 1:36:39
Pace      : 06:54mins/km.

Felt quite satisfied I must say as I had only managed to run twice last week due to
social commitments that involved more merry making than it should have.

The run wasn’t as hard or tough as I had expected although I was telling myself to conserve energy towards the 11k mark, but it was a smooth run throughout.

The weather probably helped too as the sun wasn’t at its’ brightest. I swear I can never do morning runs, only evening or night runs which makes me a tad worried as all the runs I signed up for are in the morns!

Sigh , what’a a girl to do?

My post run meal was scrumptous, grilled portebello mushies, eggplant and red peppers drizzled with olive oil and balsimic vinaigrette granished with chopped garlic.

I figured i should have had some protein thrown in but i wasn’t in the mood for meat today.


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