The introduction

Well well, I finally have the inspiration to post something here.

I have been running for a long time, used to do short distance sprints in school

but have progressed on to long distance running.

I normally run 10-12k every other day but have been upping my mileage due to up and coming events.

I love sports and travelling and it’s my aim to mix these two elements wherever in the world I may be.

My second passion is food. Food fuels the body and while I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle,

I am prone to the occasional binge every now and then .

Sugar is my nemisis which I succumb to without any struggle.

Anyway, I decided it would be cool to document my sports and travels with the occasional food post thrown in.

Currently, I am signed up for Singapore’s Northface 50km duo race , which me and my friend will be running 25km each on trail.

and also Singapore’s Standard Chartered full marathon ,

fingers crossed on that one, I am hoping to finish within 5 hours.

However, I am off to Perth next week so will be taking part in their City to Surf 12k run which starts at the Esplanade and ends at City Beach.

Last year’s City to Surf was awesome with great weather and a time of about 1hr 14min which I am hoping to better.

Although the running packs in Singapore are much better with fuel bars, energy drinks and a running tee thrown in but in terms of organisation , I would say they do a better job with logistics down under.


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