Arms like Michelle

After Friday’s 14 K run, I really didn’t feel like doing another yesterday.

I had spent 2 hours on the net on marathon preparation tips and got so engrossed that
when i looked at the clock , it was almost 2am!

Anyway, one article said that in order to run better, one should have good core muscles and
build up on muscle strength as well.

So its now with aching arms that I am writing this.

I realise that I really do have to build up on my arm strength as well. Am so inspired by Michelle Obama’s
fabulous toned arms.

Check out this Vogue cover magazine of her. Commendable for a lady her age.

Sadly , it might take a long time before I get arms like hers.
Because it’s repetitive and boring to me.

I hate counting reps and sets and always end up forgetting where I left off when it’s time to strength train again.

However, I am going to try my darndest to do so as the benfits of strenth training are simply to great to ignore.

Will post on the benefits of strength training for women next time.


One thought on “Arms like Michelle

  1. Her arms totally rock!

    Sorry surf onto your page and thoroughly enjoy your entries on running – Ive been trying to fit an exercise regime into my schedule and sure has'nt been easy but personal training works well for me. Someone to count the reps along with me haha 🙂

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