Distance: 15km
Time      : 1:37:16
Pace      : 6:29min/km

Today’s run was not bad considering the fact that I am trying to change the way I run.

I usually tend to over pronate, causing my my knees to hurt. This usually happens at the 12 – 13 k mark.
Furthermore, I tend to brush against my ankle when I lift my shoe of the ground while running, this causes some abrasion.

To add to list, blisters have been forming at the side of my big toe and it hurts!

This video explains over pronation pretty well :

I thought it was a pretty good article that was easy to understand.

Well, anyway I tried to land using the whole foot yesterday, I think they call it a mid foot strike?
What i do know, is that I woke up with an aching back today.

I wonder if changing my techinque of running had a impact on my back?

Today however, after the 15k run, it was actually easier , and my timing actually improved.
Maybe it was because I was conciously conserving energy while trying to maintain a good posture.

Here’s hoping to many more fruitful runs 🙂


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