These shoes are meant for running!

“Wow, your feet is almost as broad as a guy’s.”

Gee, thanks.

As if I needed someone to point it out to me.

Last week, I went to get a new pair of running shoes. I love my old ones but they really got to go, I am hoping they are going to last until the Northface run as its kinda too late to break into the new ones.

They look so shiny compared to my worn out ones. Am so not used to it. I much prefer the scruffed out , dirtied to the max look.

Asics gel foundation and my old NB ones

So anyway, since I have feet the width of a guy’s, this guy said there was only one choice for me which was the Asics gel foundation to accomodate my bunion when running.
So , no choice, $200 poor, I walked out hoping that it would be better than the old ones.
Tested it for a run this morning, it really did help with correcting my pronation a bit, more stability and much lighter.
I do wish for smaller dainty feet sometimes but when I look at how far I have run , I am glad to have these feet of mine, bunions and all. 

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