Northface100 Run Singapore

25km on trail is not easy at all!

All the uneven gravel, upslopes and downhills, loose rocks really tested me.
I have run trail before but never in a competition.

The Northface100 Singapore has different categories, 100km solo, 100km duo and 50km duo. I was signed up for the 50km duo with another friend.

Albeit it be my first time running the Northface100, I am glad I managed to complete it in good timing. At least it was good for me.

We started off at Macritichie Reservior , went all the way up to Bukit Timah and back. By the 14k mark, I was dreading going uphill. I could feel my toenails hurting and blisters forming on my bunions.

Luckily I had prempted and reduced the severity of it by wearing thicker socks and plasters.

The weather was kind enough not to rain but it was scorching hot at some points of the race. I could feel the sun’s rays boring down my back as it merrily sweltered the hapless runners that didn’t have a cap or sunglass on.

BTW, I think I have a nice tan now.

Its funny because it has been raining like crazy these last few weeks but when I awoke up this morning, the skies were clear and I thought to myself that it would be a good day for the race as I don’t fancy running and squishing my shoes through wet mud.

Anyway, I  decided to skip the last water point and try to aim for the finish as I was still quite full from all the water I had drunk. The last 4.6k was really a test for my mental nerves. I had to keep pysching myself to trudge on through and not stop.

The last 1.1k, all clarity ceased to form, I could feel myself going through the motion of running and just wanted to hit the finish line.

I think I was cramping up in my face more than my legs though.

Post race, Milo, Subway sandwiches, fruit and jelly were more than enough to replenish my depleted energy. 🙂

Finally, a shower and a nap in an air con room hasn’t felt so good in such a long time.

All nice and comfy after the run in my bed…

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