3 Reasons for cuting out sugar from my diet

I am addicted to sugar.


Therefore, this week, I will be attempting to cut out sugar from my diet and hopefully not kill anyone in the process.

Let’s see if I manage to cut down on my fat percentage as well.

Fat: 29% (as of 12 Feb 2012)

Top 3 reasons for cutting out sugar from my diet:

1. It makes me retain water. 

Yes, contrary to the belief that sodium is the cause of water retention, sugar does the same when you overindulge in it.

It makes your body over produce insulin, which is what causes water retention. 

Insulin helps your body convert sugar into energy or fat but if you eat excessive amounts, this will lead to unnecessarily high levels of insulin in your body which retains sodium ( a mineral found in salt). Thus, you retain water.

2. It makes me age! Read this article on MSNBC for further convincing, Sugar causes wrinkles!

3. I want to fit into my pants again.

Of course there are more reasons than I can count on my two hands and feet but the gist is that , I know I have been eating too much sugar and am paying penance now. 

Time to get disciplined.

Therefore, am embarking on an anti-sugar project/campaign to get a healthier body and to see how it changes in relation to the amount of sugar I eat.


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