Day 4 of the Anti-Sugar Project

Fat: 27.4%

Honestly, I don’t really feel much of a difference yet. I still weigh more than I like to weigh. 

Maybe it’s muscle. (right)

Note to self though:

Do NOT bake while on this project. 

I took the day off today for some job hunting and errand running and decided to bake a bit. 

On the menu:

1) Healthy Carrot Cake

I omitted all white sugar and used the natural sweetness of the carrots and raisin to get the natural flavoring plus a lil bit of brown sugar to achieve a rich, moist yet healthy cake!

2) Apple Pie

It was my first attempt at baking pie and what better way to do it than with a classic recipe. 

Unfortunately, this one looked as though it had boils all over it!
I think the crust was too thinly spread out.

oh well, we learn. 

On a more positive note though, the taste was what I wanted it to be, I just have to work on the aesthetics part a wee bit harder. 


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