Day 5 of the Anti-Sugar Project

I realise this is going nowhere. 

It’s better to cut down gradually than go cold turkey all at once. 

So far, I know that I have been getting feelings of nausea and bad headaches the moment my body detects a drop in my sugar levels. 

So instead of devouring a whole piece of cake, I control it better by simply eating a piece of fruit or a small piece of chocolate and wait for the symptoms to subside. 

More often than not, that’s all that you need rather than copious amounts of sugar. 

It is really the mind over matter as you resist the temptation and you soon realise that it can be done. SLOWLY.

I aim to eat healthier as the weeks go by and gradually reduce my sugar intake to the point where I no longer get headaches when I don’t have sugar.

I am optimistic that in a few weeks , my slow yet steady tapering approach to curtail bad habits will pay off. 

Check back a few weeks later 🙂


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