Bikram yoga – Day 4

Ping! My watsapp sounded. With my eyes still closed, I knew it was my best friend giving me a reminder text to to go for Day 4 of my Bikram Yoga session.

“Yes yes, I am up already lah. ” I replied.

Surprisingly, it felt much easier than I thought to psyche myself to go. I am pretty sure that the fact that I was going for a buffet lunch after was the reason.

Banking in the calories I call it.

It was a moderately intense session; I definitely did not work as hard as I did yesterday evening. But then again that was only because Johnny (my instructor) had his hawk’s eyes on us to make sure we didn’t slack throughout the poses.

“Higher, higher , higher” I can still hear his voice.

Anyway, I reckon that with every session of Bikram yoga, I burnt an estimate of 400kcal.

Boy was I wrong, I burnt an insane amount of 825kcal!!

That is just crazy, I would have to run around 15km to get the same results.

Use this to calculate how much you burn during Bikram – Calorie calculator for bikram yoga


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