Why you should cut down on red meat

With so much negativity in the media concerning red meat, it might be a good idea to cut down on red meat.

“But I love my meat!” Some of you might say or exclaim in protest.

Me too.

Every birthday of mine for a while now, I eat a big fat cut of juicy steak done medium rare. I love the succulency of juice that flows out with every bite that I take. 

You can see streaks and specks of fat marbled in between the leaness of the meat but after I read why red meat is bad for you, I kinda want to cut down on the amount of red meat consumed in my diet. 

Why? Because it is one of the cause of fatal heart diseases and heart attacks while being linked to increased risks of colorectal and other cancers as mentioned in the article.

It really makes you think twice.

But then again, I believe everything is acceptable in moderation. After all, if you obliterate everything that is said to be unhealthy out of your diet, there is hardly anything left to tell the truth and honestly, I crave for comfort food at times. 

There is only so much salad and fruits that one can take. Live a little. 

So give yourself a break in between and I think I will have that steak after all.

In moderation of course.


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