Break time

What a week. A lackadaisacal week that is. For sports. 

I totally slacked off training. And guess what? I totally loved it. ( Feels a tad guilty)

After the previous week of intense Bikraming as I call it ( I practise Bikram Yoga for those for don’t know), I felt my muscles calling out to me to stop torturing them. 

Anyway, I was feeling pretty lazy so what the heck. One week of not doing any exercise will kill no one. 

Am back to my routine this week though, with a short 5k run thrown in yesterday. That hardly countered the brunch I had that afternoon. 

The run was so so, far from my personal best but I still managed to hit the under 30min mark so it’s not that bad. 

Shall step it up a notch this week though but nothing of too much vigor. 

It is my birthday week after all 🙂

* The author was pretty productive in other matters which shall not be disclosed (most of it entailed retail therapy and gastronomic delights though)


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