Decisions Decisions! –

I have a bone to pick. 

“Why do two runs that I wanna go for have to be scheduled for the same day huh?”

After I had signed up for the Pocari Run, I happened to google when the SHAPE run would be because I wanted to take part in that as well. I had missed two previous runs as I was always overseas at that time and so I was seriously looking forward to it. 

Turns out… They are on the same day! 15th July 2012 at 7am. 

The Pocari Sweat Run’s venue is at Gardens by the Bay while the SHAPE Run is held at Nicoll Highway. 
Oh well, I always wanted to run at the Bay , Nicoll Highway is just too hot.

Besides, it’s cheaper as well. 

For the 10k category, its $35 for Pocari but $40 for SHAPE. So not only do I have a new route to run but save $5 in the process as well.

Anyway, the whole aim of it is to encourage my dear friend who is not much of a runner to start running so timing won’t be that important that day.


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