Easter run

I was torn between going for Bikram Yoga this morning and running.

Not that I have been diligently doing both for the past two weeks but I thought that since it was a public holiday, I might as well start my day right.

Actually, I took me only 5 min to decide that I was going to run instead.


1) I was lazy to pack my bag
2) I was lazy to travel to town so early in the morning
3) The thought of travelling back home after yoga further affirmed that I should just go and run.

So being the lazy girl I am (only for the past 2 weeks!)… I put on my shoes and set off.

Using my calorie calculator for running,  I estimated I burnt about 450kcal for that 45min run at the pace of an average 6min/km.

Glad I went though, the weather started going insane a few hours later with thunderstorms one minute and bright skies the next. Think someone is having a little mood swing.


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