A tummy full of chocolate Easter bunnies


It’s Easter weekend. Another event for some to indulge in some pretty serious diet busting calorie ridden treats. Just like all the other festivities.

I am still reeling from the effects of Chinese New Year in February.

Anyhow, I resolved not to buy any chocs for Easter this year when I recall the insane amount of chocolate bingeing we had last year. (See above pic)

I really didn’t know how I did it then, I polished almost everything in two weeks flat. Not to mention the mother of all giant eggs ( roughly the size of a human head). Pity I didn’t take a picture of that. (It was given to me by one of my best friends).

To get my drift, picture this (about the size of my palm), imagine and magnify accordingly. 
So, I must say am such a good gal this year. 
Just in line with my sugar cutting policy and all that jazz. Glorious memories of chocolate fantasies remain though. 



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