Running after the rain

Distance: 6.4Km
Time: 45min

It rained cats and dogs this morning.

I could hear the rain as I laid in bed. The night I decided to turn on the a/c , it decided to downpour.
Huge mistake, I woke up with a very dry throat.

Anyway, I got up later than usual, around 10am and peered out of the window. I could see people running at the stadium. Drat!

If they can do it, so can I. So, I drank a huge glass of water to soothe my achy throat and headed out.

Didn’t really time myself today, the whole aim was just to get moving, something I have not done since last Sunday.

Funny how it always seems the hardest part of running is the starting.
Just so glad I had a great mid morning run today.


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