Am so looking forward to my first run on Friday. After a long 2 weeks of being out of action, my itch for action is killing me!

I hope my stamina has not dropped drastically though. The first run after a long break is always the hardest as you try to find your pace again.

I have told my running partner to go easy on me and I am hoping there will be no relapse in injury. It has almost healed 98% save for a dull ache every time I shift my body weight fully onto the left leg.

I know I should give it a couple more days but am really dying here. Not being able to run… You might as well cut off my leg.

Yes, that’s how strongly I feel.

 But just to assure, in case I feel it coming back, I will definitely stop my run and start walking instead.

P/s. Totally feeling guilty for not going for bikram lessons too! Next week…


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