It sucks when you are helpless

Was contemplating whether I should write this post. But I need to get it out of my system and writing helps to ease a bit of that for me.

I came out of the doctor’s office with mixed feelings.
On one hand, I was relieved to know what was wrong with me and that my weight gain and other symptoms that I had been suffering were not my fault.
On the other hand, I feel this tremendous uphill battle that I am suddenly faced with.
Plus the fact, I am $780 poorer cos of the consultation and tests that I had to do. But it’s money well spent to know what I am diagnosed with.
Shall not say what it is but the first thing I am supposed to do is try to lose weight which is a double edged sword as it is this very condition that is making me gain in the first place. Makes me wanna scream. I am exhausted.
It’s like trying to go up a downward escalator if you know what I mean. Even if I nibble on lettuce, I would still gain.
Short of starving myself, I asked my doc: “what am I supposed to do?”
 He ordered more tests..  Am seriously not in the mood
Really can’t wait to get my medication next week so that I can be well again.

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