More runs to sign up for

Ok, enough self pity. Got it out of my system on my last post.

Let’s check out this two runs happening in the month of October. I am being selective about what I enter in, mainly because the entry fees are getting so expensive, the routes are more or less the same (Singapore is small, not many places to run) and my fitness and health is not that great this year due to injuries and health related issues.

The first of course is the Northface trail run on 13 October 2012, Saturday at Macritchie.
They don’t have the duo teams this year, just individual categories and a new 15km category.

photo from Northface100 site
click here to register now

Early Bird Normal
Open category $280 $300
Men’s Open / Women’s Open $85 $105
Men’s Open / Women’s Open $60 $80
Men’s Open / Women’s Open $45 $65
Early Bird Promo ends 31 July 2012. 

The run last year was awesome and I wrote a post on it to document the race 🙂 No cramps or injuries, it was one of the smoothest runs ever.

I am hoping it will be the same this year.

The second run is the Newton Challenge which will be held on 28 October 2012, Sunday, 5.30am at East Coast Park, Big Splash.

Photo from website

Click here to register now
 Newton Challenge 2012 
 Early Bird
18 May – 30 Jun 2012
 Normal Period 
1 Jul – 31 Aug 2012
 18km – Men/Women
 30km – Men/Women
 18km – Men/Women + (Mio Watch)
 30km –  Men/Women + (Mio Watch)

I am deciding whether 2 weeks would be enough for me to recover in time from my Northface run as they are only 2 weeks apart.

Why do they also have to schedule runs so close to each other or on the same day?
Like the Pocari and SHAPE run which got my grouse as I was hoping to run both.

Anyway, you get:

  • Newton Running Singlet ($29.90)
  • Newton Running Socks ($19.90)
  • Finisher medal (if you finish of course, lol)
  • Mio Watch (the latest sports model worth $139) user guide and product details here
I went to google the watch on the mio website where they have plenty of other models. Even though it was retailing at $49.99 on the website and am not sure if it is in USD or SGD but I still think it is quite worth the money if you need a watch and want to participate in a run at the same time.
It’s almost end of May and my injury came back the other day when I tried to run, Crap. More patience and less haste I guess…
Maybe I should take up swimming instead.

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