Too much training might kill you

Shucks. My package at Bikram Yoga is ending in two and a half weeks and I have like 12 lessons to go.

Which works out to more than 4 times per week. Where am I going to find the time to do that atop working,  managing social commitments and other sports. I think I need to ask for an extension.

Gonna make the effort to go as many as I can though.

Anyway, I am worrying a teensy weeny bit as my leg hasn’t healed yet 😦 and I have a run in almost a month’s time.I really do hope I heal in time.

Was reading this the other day though, about how too much training for endurance races can actually kill you. Take heed all you triathletes and ultra marathoners out there. No wonder, there has been so many cases of fit people suddenly collapsing after a race and passing on after that.

But why do we push ourselves?

Do we have something to prove or is it that competitive nature in us that makes us want to beat the other person to the finishing line? Perhaps we are racing against ourselves too, pushing beyond our limits.

That said, we should always treat our body right 🙂


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