How to cut sugar from your diet

OMG, they look like drugs! No wonder they are so addictive!

As you all know by know, I am a big fan of sugar. But I know they are bad for me, just like cigarettes and excessive caffeine are for all of us. 

They give us a false sense of being hyper and when it dies down, it leaves us craving for more. 

But following my failed attempt to cut sugar from my diet, I decided to make a list of how to cut sugar from my diet:

1) See picture above! Enough said. 
Sodas and flavored drinks contain more sugar than you think! Even flavored water. Your best bet? Stick to good old plain water. 
For further convincing , read this : 5 great reasons to kick your soda habit

2) Yes you might be cutting out on the obvious stuff like chocs, candy and biscuits. But there are a lot of hidden sugar lurking somewhere in your food. 

3) So called healthy foods. Like low fat or fat free muesli bars. 

4) Eliminate everything sweet in your kitchen larders. If you are like me, I lose self control more often at home while outside. I would so very often raid the cupboards to find something sweet to eat. 

So the saying out of sight, out of mind is very true in this instance. Be good and follow. 
Yes trash it, even if its half open. I know what you are thinking, such a waste.. it would be a further waste to see all that going to your waist. Pun intended.

5) Lastly, it’s really about self control. If you don’t have one, best not to open that packet and think you are going to have just a bite. You WILL eat everything. Why go down that road when its best to avoid it altogether which will bring you back to No.4. 

So, I hope my list helps me as much as it does you. No. 5 is especially hard for me as I love to bake as well.

3 thoughts on “How to cut sugar from your diet

  1. I quit drinking soda years ago exactly for that reason – a disgusting amount of sugar! High Fructose Corn Syrup is the enemy. The thing is, I used to drink Mountain dew pretty much every day in high school and college…didn’t think anything of it. I tried a sip of it about a year ago after giving it up for years, and it tasted awful.

    We enjoy sugars, fatty, greasy foods because we have acquired a taste for those items. It works the same way with fruits and veggies. We can learn how to enjoy them as well! I love that pic of the sugar examples – may have to borrow that!

    • Yes, I am weaning off sugary stuff slowly, Hard work as I love to bake so I am looking for healthier options. Feel free to share if you have any recipes I can try out!

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