Little Miss Impatient

Paula Radcliffe is out of the London Olympics due to an injury. 

I totally feel for her.

Despite her attempts to get fit again, she has not been able to fully recover from her injuries in time.

This year, my level of fitness took a nosedive when I injured my leg. Couple that fact with my recently diagnosed health problem, it has really been quite a challenge. I thought my leg had healed after the Pocari Sweat Run 2012 but the pain came back.

I think it was a case of too much too soon even though it had healed.

I had no choice but to visit the sinseh (TCM=traditional chinese medication) as I couldn’t figure out if it was the bone/tendon/muscle that was the cause of my distress.

It went pretty well despite my very poor mandarin… I roughly understood the words.

No running… Rest… Swimming ok… Don’t be impatient.,. Let it heal completely…Swollen.. 



14 thoughts on “Little Miss Impatient

  1. hang in there! what’s the nature of your leg injury?
    i noe how it feels when injury keeps u from enjoying what you want to do. are there any strengthening exercises or forms of therapy you can do on ur own to speed up recovery? any supplements?

  2. I am currently nursing a hamstring strain and I’m going to physical therapy twice a week for the next few weeks to let it heal properly. It’s annoying, but I know it will heal and then I will be able to run again. Hang in there, be patient!

  3. Hey what injury do you have? It seems like you’ve got a shin splint? Common for runners who do too much in too short a period of time. Rest and ice will help to fix it and swimming will help to maintain your fitness! I’ve been plagued with shin splints all throughout my running life but rest assured it’s not a big problem and many runners experience it as well:)

  4. i think my vein got swollen or inflammed although the sinseh was quite adamant that i must have knocked the bone, but i would have remembered if i did so.. What do you do about yours though?

    • I iced it and massaged it every night. My coach explained to me that shin splints are caused when your muscle grows faster than your tendons (that’s why it happens when you train too hard over too short a period of time). So what happens is that your muscle exerts a force on your shin (bone) that your tendon isn’t able to support; and that’s why it hurts. So you should not completely stop exercising. Instead go for runs that are generally less intensive but longer to build up the strength of the tendon. Massaging your shin helps to increase blood flow and also help to ‘straighten’ out the ‘buckled’ bone. Icing helps to relieve the pain from the injury. So yea that’s what I did for my shin splints and they were fine after about 3-4 weeks. However I can’t say for sure that you have a shin splint as well..perhaps consult a sports doctor if the pain persists after another 2 weeks? But those guys have high fees..

  5. In addition to icing and massage, it might be an equipment problem as well. 1 personal experience: i once took a long period of from running few years back. when i got started again, my shins hurt like crazy. then i read that shoes deteriorate pretty fast even when not in use, ie the cushioning loses its effectiveness. i kid you not, i went out and got a pair of new shoes, by the 2nd run i felt nothing in my shins.

    recently i’ve been having chronic shin aches while running, but thru icing everynight and calf sleeves, i believe the aches/pains are decreasing in intensity.

    also, if your pain is only triggered by impact, it might help if u do simple strengthening exercises like squats, calf raises. if it’s caused by effort then i think the only think you can do is rest and use thermal massage to increase blood flow and hopefully decrease healing time.

    if you really want a clearer picture, i believe an MRI might help. have no idea how much 1 would cost though. wouldnt hurt to get a second opinion (western) imo.

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