The climb up Mount Kota Kinabalu

Climbers at the summit

Looking through old photos and came across my climb up Kota Kinabalu a few years ago. Read more here

Pain is temporary, pride is forever.  This sentiment just about sums up the thought of me and my two companions.

We were feeling exhausted but ecstatic. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the first ray of light to come through the clouds, to capture the dawn breaking. This was one wee-hour wakeup call at 2.30am to start the climb that everyone didn’t mind.

On the summit, hundreds have actually braved the cold and dreary long trudge up just to take in the magnificent sight that awaited them at the top.


Photo taking is a top priority.

However, one may just choose to sit and reflect on the beautiful sight of nature.

With the wind bellowing, temperatures often hover between 1-5degrees.  Trekkers are undeterred though, and they willingly hike up 4095.2m, which is the height of South East Asia’s highest mountain, just half of Everest.

Most people complete the task of going up and down within two days. The oldest person known to have climbed to the top was 95 years old.  Just as long as one is healthy with no major illnesses, and with a determination to reach the top, one would do just fine.

And now to psyche oneself for the long walk down..


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