About Me

Hi awesome people…

Thanks for stumbling upon this space.

I particularly love running and mountain climbing.

I will run as fast and as far as my legs will carry me.

I also practise Bikram yoga fairly regularly and like rock climbing and diving as well.


Suggest any sport to me and I would definitely try it out at least once.

While I am no expert on health or fitness, I like to share my journey here.

Off she went also aims to serve as an encouragement for normal people like you and I who strive to get fit but succumb to weaknesses at the same time.

I definitely stuggle at times. There are days where I simply do not want to work out but just binge on comfort food.

Hello calories.

I try to eat as clean as I can though, it helps that I love vegetables and fruit despite my very sweet tooth which I am learning to curb.

I can go on forever but I won’t.

In the meantime, here’s hoping that my posts will either inspire or at least forge a bond that there are people out there like you and I.

Feel free to leave a message at sherylgoh@gmail.com ,  comment on any post or share a story,pictures or even write a guest post!

So welcome once again.

Much love,


Though this is a Singapore running and health blog, I would love to hear from everyone from all over the globe.


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. The best part of a healthy lifestyle is that it is very rewarding. Waking up each day feeling refreshed from the previous days workouts and healthy diet is a great feeling. I try to make as many healthy decisions as possible throughout the week, so that I can enjoy a cheat meal and not feel guilty about it. Good luck with your search of healthiness!

  2. hi there. chanced upon your blog while randomly searching for “Pocari Sweat Run 2012 Photos”. i’m 30/m and am shy to say it was my first 10km run.. but i totally enjoyed myself! can’t wait for race against cancer at ecp this weekend. by the way, you’ve got some pretty pictures in Eat Clean. i am trying to change my lifestyle for the healthier too and reading your blog is motivating to say the least. i personally love chicken breast from the deli or cold cuts section of the supermarkets. i wrap rockets or any stalky veges in them for a quick fix. it ain’t nearly as pretty but i like it. Cheers! keep blogging!

    • Hi Zhong! Thanks for reading my blog. Glad to know that you are on track to a healthier lifestyle, it’s so hard in Singapore where there is so much good food abound! Tough. Hope you have a great run this weekend 🙂

      • read from your post on the pocari run that you have an injury? i was suffering from shin splints and recently i tried out calf sleeves and am completely sold on them (they’re not of the common brands, skins, 2xu). i got them from a fren’s hubby who has his own specialised running shop. i’m not going to advertise his shop or the brand here, just genuinely keen to share my experiences with a good product. he’s quite a high profile athlete and he really knows his stuff when it comes to running. plus he doesn’t try to hardsell you anything. if u’re interested to find out more you can drop me an email ya. cheers!

  3. You live in Singapore?! That’s awesome! I was born there (moved to the US) and I absolutely love going there for vacation. I’m sure all the delicious hawker food is difficult to avoid. Love your blog.

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