What it takes to burn off the fast food you eat

OMG! I was surfing and came across this slideshow from iVillage: What It Takes to Burn Off Your 30 Favorite Food Splurges

Just thought I would share a few here, read the rest on the link above.

(All images from iVillage)


Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life

You know how they say: ” kids, don’t try this at home?”

Well, watching this makes me just want to do so.  Gee, I feel tired just watching him but at the same time, a small voice at the back of my head says:” awesome, you got to try it sometime.”

For those who don’t know what Assassin’s Creed is or what Parkour is, the former is a hugely popular action-adventure game available on PS, X-box, etc, while the latter is a (according to Wiki) a physical discipline of movement focused on overcoming obstacles.

The art of irritating me

What’s the one thing that hits your raw nerve?

I posted a while back on the 7 top pet peeves at the gym but this is more for everyday life.

Women talking in shrill voices?  The sound of nails scratching on the blackboard?

Everyone has something that gets them.

These are mine, what’s yours?

12 ways to irritate me

1)     Making me repeat myself a few times when I know you have heard me. If you don’t have anything to add on or say, at least grunt.

2)     Talking incessantly about yourself while trying to come across humble. Everyone CAN tell which brings me to point 3.

3)     When someone else tries to get in a word or continue from there, you just faintly acknowledge before steering the conversation back to yourself. Not cool.

4)     When returning a call, the other person says hello or yes? and then expects you to continue. Earth to caller, you called me first. State your case, what do you want?

5)     When people step into a crowded train and then once inside take their bloody own sweet time to move in. Other people need to board too.

6)     Standing on the wrong side of the escalator and blocking the flow of human traffic.

7)     Watching shows on your smartphone while walking ever. so. slowly. Go home.

8)     When foreign service staff expect me to speak their native language. Not that I mind if it makes things easier. But when you make it seem like it’s your right and you make me feel bad for not doing so, it’s another story.

9)     When I show you a photo on my phone, it doesn’t give you the right to go through my entire photo gallery. That’s just plain rude. Ask first.

10)Pushing your political/religious/moral/whatever views on me, I respect your opinions but back off.

11)Talking to me during a movie. I don’t want to talk to you even if you are my friend,we can do it later I want to watch my movie. Once or twice is fine though.

12)Ceaseless whining and endless complaining about how boring your life is, how fat you are but eat another candy bar right in front me or how nothing ever goes right. If you are so dissatisfied, do something about it! Trial and error is the way to go.

I know I said 12 but here’s another that just popped in my head.

13)Not getting any of the hints that I am dropping to tell you that I am not interested, that I am becoming irritated but am just too overly polite to tell you so, that you are invading my space and finally make me tell you straight in the face and then giving me the look like you never saw it coming.  Great, I feel bad now.

How to compare two foods – Nutrition Calculator

Ever wanted to compare which of two foods were the lesser evil?

Now you can with

Just key in the two foods you wanna compare with and voila, side by side comaprison.

Of course, the data base is limited (char kway teow and others not in there) but the generic food items are.

This should help you make healthier food choices 🙂

New Balance Minimus

Am thinking of getting a pair of trail shoes for my Northface run in October. Last year, I had taken the risk and worn my shoddy,  “almost nearly there and have to throw away pair” of New Balance shoes that has served me so well. Lucky it didn’t give way. Stupid thing to do I know. What if it DID give way halfway?

Hence, the contemplation.. Was researching which trail shoes would be good when I came across the New Balance Minimus ad:

Pretty funny.

Anyway, according to their website:

The Minimus Zero Trail was engineered to provide increased ground-feel, its extremely lightweight design features a durable Vibram® outsole that makes conquering terrains from concrete to trail the ultimate minimalist experience.

Think I might just head to the New Balance store to check it out. I kinda like the one at Velocity.

Viral video of hurdler’s pre-race dance

This video of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s pre race warm up dance went viral, read more here on the Huffington Post.

It must have worked for her, bcos she blew away her competition. Nice.

Interesting read. Would you kick up a big fuss if your country’s representatives to the Olympics wore clothes that were manufactured in China?


Maybe it’s a lingering Independence Day hangover, but it seems that everyone in America has jumped on the patriotic bandwagon over the United States Olympics uniforms.  On Wednesday, Ralph Lauren — arguably one of the most iconic American fashion designers — released images of the opening ceremony uniforms designed for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team. By Thursday, besides drawing criticism for the garments’ sartorial shortcomings, consumers, politicians and the media were gasping over another jarring detail: our elite American athletes are going to appear on the international stage wearing clothes manufactured in China?

Both sides of the political aisle immediately went on the attack, blaming the U.S. Olympics Committee for outsourcing the team’s garments and mementos — even though they did the exact same thing in 2008. “You’d think they’d know better,” House Speaker John Boehner said. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went even…

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