What’s in that can of soda? More than you think….

Last post for the week before I go overseas for a short trip.  Thankfully my sweet tooth doesn’t like soda.

source: http://newgstudio.com/soda-health-issues/

Remember, water is always better!


How to choose running shoes

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I have this niggling suspicion that my shoes have something to do with my injury. Ever since, I bought it last year, I haven’t run quite the same as I used to. I am not saying that it’s the total cause but it might have contributed to my injury.

Am so tempted to get a new pair. I kinda liked my old New Balance shoes but the AdiZero looks damn appealing. Any other suggestions? I got flat feet.

Anyway, came across this infographic ( I have a thing for charts and such), pretty basic with a few fun facts but number 4’s lacing techniques were good to know!