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This is a great list of sound advice!


We are all in : Adidas King Of the Road

Are you in?

The Adidas King Of The Road (KOTR) is a running championship held across 5 countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

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The distance is 16.8km and Singapore’s leg will be on the 28th of October. Very close to my Northface100 though. Wondering should or shouldn’t I? But I love Adidas!

Plus this video is so inspiring!

Makes me wanna run right away!


Make July Your B****

start the Month right!

This photo is just awesome. July is so gonna be the turnaround point for me.

My first inspiration..

Hi ho. What a humdrum day it was yesterday.

Is it me or is the weather just plain cruel? Sunny skies one minute, raining the next…
It is getting hotter though! So hot that heatstroke cases are going up.

I face the critical task of choosing what to wear for work every morning. It could be sunny and I would choose something sleeveless but by the time it’s the afternoon, it’s raining!

But more often than not, I am perspiring by the time I reach the train station and mind you, I am not the type who perspires much except during exercise. Sweating can be good in that sense but not “the walk to the train station” kind!

If I am going to do so, it better be well worth it. I am not gonna be smelling like yesterday’s laundry for nothing. Not that I do, just saying ya know.

Damn, I want my running legs back. Few more days and I will try again 🙂

Decided to end my posts with quotes from now on, just to motivate and inspire:

“I always loved running….it was something you could do by yourself , and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking new sights just on the strength of your own feet and the courage of your lungs.”
Jesse Owens 

Heart this quote by my all time favourite runner, he was the reason why I quit being a Brownie in primary school and took up track and field. His story is amazing!! Read it if you have the time or just watch this to understand why.

My back is breaking!

After almost a month of non yoga action, yesterday’s session was HELL!

“further” and “deeper” these two words echo in my head.

In my mind :” I really can’t bend this back any more. Sheesh!”

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Running after the rain

Distance: 6.4Km
Time: 45min

It rained cats and dogs this morning.

I could hear the rain as I laid in bed. The night I decided to turn on the a/c , it decided to downpour.
Huge mistake, I woke up with a very dry throat.

Anyway, I got up later than usual, around 10am and peered out of the window. I could see people running at the stadium. Drat!

If they can do it, so can I. So, I drank a huge glass of water to soothe my achy throat and headed out.

Didn’t really time myself today, the whole aim was just to get moving, something I have not done since last Sunday.

Funny how it always seems the hardest part of running is the starting.
Just so glad I had a great mid morning run today.