Eat Clean

I try to take appetising photos of healthy foods to show that eating clean is a great thing to do!

When I dine out, I try to choose at least one healthy item on the menu.

Might have a recipe section in future but for now this will do.

I simply like egg white omelettes as they are pack with protein. I added feta cheese for a little flavoring, no salt needed. Sprinkle pepper if you like a little more taste.

Frozen vegetables are healthy as well!

Healthy frozen vegetables

I much prefer golden kiwis to the normal kiwis as they are sweeter in taste. These were specially flown back from Auckland through a kind and dear friend which made it all the more sweeter.

benefits fo golden kiwis

There is a whole argument on the pros and cons of soy, some say it is good for you , others tend to differ but I won’t go into it. You can read more about it and decide for yourself here and here.

But I am lactose intolerant and get a milk belly if I take dairy products, esp milk and ice cream which is sad cos I love my milk. Yoghurt is fine though.

Soy milk is a great choice for me but I try not to drink so much of it for personal reasons. Moderation is the key.

I love nuts! Walnuts are one of my favourite. Brazil nuts and pecans come a close second. They make for great additions to salads, baking or even as a snack.

Benefits of walnuts: reduces risks of heart disease, contains a lot of anti oxidants. Read more here. 

healthy diet

I used to take flaxseed supplements but they are so much better if you just take the time to grind the seeds. I use them to substitute some flour in my baking and add them to yoghurt or any smoothies to get my dosage.

Benefits of flaxseed: flax is recognized as the richest source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as alphalinolenic acid (ALA and Omega-3 fatty acids). Read more here

a teaspoonful of ground flaxseed

Pumpkin seeds are a great addition to salads too. I love baking pumpkin seed cookies 🙂

Benefits of pumpkin seeds: contains most vitamins B, C , D and K. Read more here

almost finishing my stash

Sliced fish soup is a healthier choice to order when dining at food courts

healthy hawker food

healthy hawker fare

One of my favourite healthy hawker fare to eat is Yong Tau Foo. You choose what ingredients go into your meal. Just don’t go for the fried stuff!

healthy yong tau foo

 Any recommendations for a good ytf stall?

My custom soup – veg and more veg. I get cranky when I don’t have greens in my meal.

I was on a salmon frenzy here for lunch. I love Japanese food as they are so fresh and there are so much healthy choices available. I do like from time to time chicken katsudon and gyoza but I go for salmon most of the time. It’s my fav fish besides cod.

Grilled salmon teriyaki with rice

Health benefits of salmon: rich in omega 3, anti inflammatory effect plus read more here

healthy salmon sashimi

My fav! Salmon Sashimi

salmon belly sashimi

Playing around with the colours

I heart salads. Period. There are so many varieties you can conjure up.

healthy salad ideas

Baby spinach salad with tuna, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and egg white

One of the rare times I have dressing on my salad

Another Japanese favourite of mine is soba noodles.

Health benefits of soba noodles: Made of buckwheat flour, they contain twice the amount of protein in rice and Choline, a compound in the vitamin B complex that plays an important role in metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and decreases cholesterol.

Read more here

Soba noodles, edamame and chicken - healthy food ideas

Soba, edamame and chicken

Cous Cous salad is another healthy meal to make.

healthy coucous salad, no salt, healthy salad ideas

Adding olives give the couscous a natural salty taste

No salt or any flavoring added

did I mention feta cheese too?

Fruit salad

healthy meal ideas

an ideal snack when the sugar cravings strike

one of my fav combis

was dining at the new vegan fast food eatery

Vegan Burger – healthier option

I love this vibrant looking salad!

Colourful salad

Tuna is a great addition to salads too.

Broccoli and tuna salad

Breakfast delights…

cherries, apples and walnut breakfast

Home made snacks to ward of hunger pangs.

home made snack ideas

Homemade granola bar

healthy home made granola bars

Homemade bars somehow makes me fuller and you can make all sorts of flavors

This one was with raisins, chopped almonds, dessicated coconut (a lil cos I don’t like a lot),  flaxseed, honey and low fat condensed milk to bind them all together.


Nom nom nom.

I could eat them all day. Seriously.

They are one of the more expensive fruits though

Health benefits of cherries: Anti-inflammatory benefits, reduced pain from gout and arthritis and an extensive list of heart health benefits. Recent studies even suggest tart cherries can help reduce post-exercise muscle and joint pain.

Read more here

health benefits of cherries

Cherries are a great option

Healthy desserts, because I have a sweet tooth. On a never ending quest to bake healthier options while keeping the flavor.

They can never be totally healthy I admit but at least I can make them more nutritious!

This is my healthy carrot cake with no white sugar added. the sweetness is from a bit of brown sugar, natural sweetness of carrots and raisins.

healthy carrot cake – no white sugar added

healthy flaxseed cake

subsituted 1/3 of flour with ground flaxseed and replaced half of the white sugar with brown sugar.


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