How To Run Smart And Enjoy Your Race

Retweeted this yesterday:

“In the first half of the race, don’t be an idiot. In the second half, don’t be a wimp.”  Via @runnersworld

Couldn’t emphasise any more on how true this is.

First Half

Don’t let your training go to waste and stick to your planned pace. It’s hard though when throngs of over zealous people blaze past you in the first few miles or so.

“Why is everyone so damn bloody fast?” You wonder.

Panic seeps in and you quicken your pace.

Here’s how to know how fast or slow you should go  by Jeff Galloway in an article featured in Runner’s World (which by the way, is one of my favourite resources)

In another article by the globe and mail, running too fast in the first mile can ruin your race and it’s really true!

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Run your own race at your own pace.

Second half:

Here is where the fun begins. If you are still going strong, congrats.

If you feel like doing this and chances are you might..

You either pushed too fast too soon or a host of other reasons (which I can think of but am too lazy busy to list for now) Read these top 10 ways to finish your race strong. I am in favour of running no.5 – negative splits as I am truly a slow starter and get my mojo only during the second half.

The one thing in my mind that psyches me up and gives me enough energy to finish strong is that I tell myself, the faster I finish, the faster I get to rest! So walking is therefore not an option for me. Works for me every time, you just need to find what motivates you!

Fail to train and you lose your dumpling!


Gluten-free, Egg-free, Butter-free Healthy Yoghurt Muffins

Experimented today. Just felt like having some muffins yet at the same time, I wanted something healthy.

healthy muffins with flax seed

Extremely pleased.

The results: A moist, crumbly muffin that is not overtly sweet. I added flaxseed for added oomph to the already healthy morsel. The best part is that it is so simple to make and you can add nuts or other health favs to your liking.

Tip: for a good post workout snack, substitute the same amount of protein powder in place of flour. Eg: 2 Tbspn of powder for 2 Tbspn of flour.

Basic Recipe:

You don’t even need weighing scales.

Just use the same pot of yoghurt for measurement.

I used greek yoghurt because it’s my favorite but any other flavor is fine too.


  • 1 tub/pot yoghurt (I like plain greek yoghurt)
  • 2 pots/tubs sugar ( the same pot, clean it and dry it  first. )
  • 3 pots flour ( I used chickpea/garbanzo flour to make it gluten free, see nutritional value here)
  • 2 eggs (I used egg replacers as I wanted it to be egg free)
  • 1 tbspn sunflower oil
  • 1 tspn bicarbonate of soda
  • freshly squeezed juice of an orange (i didn’t have any so i used half a lemon)

tip* if you don’t like orange, try other flavorings like cinnamon, honey, vanilla, fruit or nut pieces.

high in protein flour

Also known as gram flour



The flour pale yellow in colour which gives the muffins a nice glow.

egg substitute for baking

It can replace egg whites too


Bought this egg replacer to experiment with egg free baking.. So far so good!


1. Preheat oven to 180 deg C / 350 deg F / Gas 4

2. Empty yoghurt in large bowl

3. Add the rest of ingredients and mix well.

4. Pour batter into cake tin or muffin cases and bake for 15-20 minutes or when your skewer comes out clean when you test it.

Dust with icing sugar for decoration. (I put small mixed fruit instead and baked it together)



Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life

You know how they say: ” kids, don’t try this at home?”

Well, watching this makes me just want to do so.  Gee, I feel tired just watching him but at the same time, a small voice at the back of my head says:” awesome, you got to try it sometime.”

For those who don’t know what Assassin’s Creed is or what Parkour is, the former is a hugely popular action-adventure game available on PS, X-box, etc, while the latter is a (according to Wiki) a physical discipline of movement focused on overcoming obstacles.

How to choose running shoes

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I have this niggling suspicion that my shoes have something to do with my injury. Ever since, I bought it last year, I haven’t run quite the same as I used to. I am not saying that it’s the total cause but it might have contributed to my injury.

Am so tempted to get a new pair. I kinda liked my old New Balance shoes but the AdiZero looks damn appealing. Any other suggestions? I got flat feet.

Anyway, came across this infographic ( I have a thing for charts and such), pretty basic with a few fun facts but number 4’s lacing techniques were good to know!

Just for Laughs

This photo cracked me up.

On a sadder note, I think I will forego my TNF100 trail race in Oct.

There is no way I can run a good one since being out of action since May this year. Even in the event that I heal completely and in time,  it isn’t wise to subject my leg to a trail run and risk it being injured again.

It’s like waiting for glue to dry and when it has scarcely done so, you try to pry it open to see if it sticks.

Know what I mean?


Benefits of Bikram Yoga – Posture 4 (Gururasana/Eagle Pose)

benefits of Bikram yoga

Credits to for photo

The eagle pose is a great pose to practice as it is the only posture in the series that opens up 14 of the largest joints in your body.

Benefits of eagle pose:

  • Improves flexibility in the hips,knees, ankles and the rest of your joints.
  • Supplies fresh blood to the reproductive system and sex organs,  plus the kidneys and helps clear up reproductive problems

 Personal take:

Usually you are supposed to put your palms together like in the picture above, but I choose to interlock my fingers like in a prayer instead as it is easier for me. I always experience a deep feeling of compression when wrapping one leg around the other.

Sometimes, losing your balance is inevitable as you struggle to balance all your weight on one leg but it sure feels good when you do it correctly. It is usually after this pose that you are allowed to drink your first sip of water so hang in there!

The art of irritating me

What’s the one thing that hits your raw nerve?

I posted a while back on the 7 top pet peeves at the gym but this is more for everyday life.

Women talking in shrill voices?  The sound of nails scratching on the blackboard?

Everyone has something that gets them.

These are mine, what’s yours?

12 ways to irritate me

1)     Making me repeat myself a few times when I know you have heard me. If you don’t have anything to add on or say, at least grunt.

2)     Talking incessantly about yourself while trying to come across humble. Everyone CAN tell which brings me to point 3.

3)     When someone else tries to get in a word or continue from there, you just faintly acknowledge before steering the conversation back to yourself. Not cool.

4)     When returning a call, the other person says hello or yes? and then expects you to continue. Earth to caller, you called me first. State your case, what do you want?

5)     When people step into a crowded train and then once inside take their bloody own sweet time to move in. Other people need to board too.

6)     Standing on the wrong side of the escalator and blocking the flow of human traffic.

7)     Watching shows on your smartphone while walking ever. so. slowly. Go home.

8)     When foreign service staff expect me to speak their native language. Not that I mind if it makes things easier. But when you make it seem like it’s your right and you make me feel bad for not doing so, it’s another story.

9)     When I show you a photo on my phone, it doesn’t give you the right to go through my entire photo gallery. That’s just plain rude. Ask first.

10)Pushing your political/religious/moral/whatever views on me, I respect your opinions but back off.

11)Talking to me during a movie. I don’t want to talk to you even if you are my friend,we can do it later I want to watch my movie. Once or twice is fine though.

12)Ceaseless whining and endless complaining about how boring your life is, how fat you are but eat another candy bar right in front me or how nothing ever goes right. If you are so dissatisfied, do something about it! Trial and error is the way to go.

I know I said 12 but here’s another that just popped in my head.

13)Not getting any of the hints that I am dropping to tell you that I am not interested, that I am becoming irritated but am just too overly polite to tell you so, that you are invading my space and finally make me tell you straight in the face and then giving me the look like you never saw it coming.  Great, I feel bad now.


Haven really been updating this space much at all.

Not in the best of moods of late as health issues and injuries that refuse to heal take a toll.

I want to run but my legs won’t let me.

Maybe it’s a sign that I should concentrate on swimming or cycling instead.

On a positive note, TGIF.

*think i really need a getaway.


The climb up Mount Kota Kinabalu

Climbers at the summit

Looking through old photos and came across my climb up Kota Kinabalu a few years ago. Read more here

Pain is temporary, pride is forever.  This sentiment just about sums up the thought of me and my two companions.

We were feeling exhausted but ecstatic. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the first ray of light to come through the clouds, to capture the dawn breaking. This was one wee-hour wakeup call at 2.30am to start the climb that everyone didn’t mind.

On the summit, hundreds have actually braved the cold and dreary long trudge up just to take in the magnificent sight that awaited them at the top.


Photo taking is a top priority.

However, one may just choose to sit and reflect on the beautiful sight of nature.

With the wind bellowing, temperatures often hover between 1-5degrees.  Trekkers are undeterred though, and they willingly hike up 4095.2m, which is the height of South East Asia’s highest mountain, just half of Everest.

Most people complete the task of going up and down within two days. The oldest person known to have climbed to the top was 95 years old.  Just as long as one is healthy with no major illnesses, and with a determination to reach the top, one would do just fine.

And now to psyche oneself for the long walk down..

How to compare two foods – Nutrition Calculator

Ever wanted to compare which of two foods were the lesser evil?

Now you can with

Just key in the two foods you wanna compare with and voila, side by side comaprison.

Of course, the data base is limited (char kway teow and others not in there) but the generic food items are.

This should help you make healthier food choices 🙂