The Northface 100 Singapore 2012 Race Pack

I know I said last post previously but I just collected the race pack for TNF100 2012 Singapore and wanted to get this out before leaving. Gonna make it quick, gotta pack!

Sad that I am not running, but there is no way I am going to risk straining my leg as I think I might have just recovered. Lucky some kind hearted soul has decided to take over for me.

Okie enough griping, what’s in the bag?

In comparison to last year, see what was inside TNF100 singapore 2011 racepack.

Not much difference actually,

contents of TNF100 Singapore 2012 racepackSlightly better this year with:

  1. Rendang Sauce to cook curry
  2. Jacob’s original cracker biscuits
  3. GU energy gel
  4. Blister Shield
  5. Tiger Balm for muscle aches
  6. Men’s Health (should have asked for SHAPE magazine instead *grumble*)
  7. The drawstring bag
  8. The usual paper stuff

And lastly the tee

TNF100 singapore 2012 tee shirt

Last Year’s 2011 tee:

2011 TNF100 singapore tee shirt

I really wish they would have put in more thought in the design of the tee and am not sure if they really have to use red as the official colour…. am guessing they do, but this will be going into the pile of tee shirts that I hardly use.

Sorry Northface, just being honest here. Tanks not tees are my choice of workout attire anyway. Nothing personal.

Sigh, will try again next year, read more about my TNF100 2011 run last year here


How To Run Smart And Enjoy Your Race

Retweeted this yesterday:

“In the first half of the race, don’t be an idiot. In the second half, don’t be a wimp.”  Via @runnersworld

Couldn’t emphasise any more on how true this is.

First Half

Don’t let your training go to waste and stick to your planned pace. It’s hard though when throngs of over zealous people blaze past you in the first few miles or so.

“Why is everyone so damn bloody fast?” You wonder.

Panic seeps in and you quicken your pace.

Here’s how to know how fast or slow you should go  by Jeff Galloway in an article featured in Runner’s World (which by the way, is one of my favourite resources)

In another article by the globe and mail, running too fast in the first mile can ruin your race and it’s really true!

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Run your own race at your own pace.

Second half:

Here is where the fun begins. If you are still going strong, congrats.

If you feel like doing this and chances are you might..

You either pushed too fast too soon or a host of other reasons (which I can think of but am too lazy busy to list for now) Read these top 10 ways to finish your race strong. I am in favour of running no.5 – negative splits as I am truly a slow starter and get my mojo only during the second half.

The one thing in my mind that psyches me up and gives me enough energy to finish strong is that I tell myself, the faster I finish, the faster I get to rest! So walking is therefore not an option for me. Works for me every time, you just need to find what motivates you!

Fail to train and you lose your dumpling!

Just for Laughs

This photo cracked me up.

On a sadder note, I think I will forego my TNF100 trail race in Oct.

There is no way I can run a good one since being out of action since May this year. Even in the event that I heal completely and in time,  it isn’t wise to subject my leg to a trail run and risk it being injured again.

It’s like waiting for glue to dry and when it has scarcely done so, you try to pry it open to see if it sticks.

Know what I mean?