I Have Moved!

Dear fellow people,


thanks for following my blog, I have moved to a (hopefully) better site, http://offshewent.com/

If you like, please subscribe to my site over there through the RSS feed, simply enter your email and you will get updates whenever a new entry is made.

Here’s a screen shot of offshewent’s new home 


In the meantime, contributors and guest posts are always welcome! 🙂

See you there.


It sucks when you are helpless

Was contemplating whether I should write this post. But I need to get it out of my system and writing helps to ease a bit of that for me.

I came out of the doctor’s office with mixed feelings.

Am so looking forward to my first run on Friday. After a long 2 weeks of being out of action, my itch for action is killing me!

I hope my stamina has not dropped drastically though. The first run after a long break is always the hardest as you try to find your pace again.

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